Carson McHone Returns Home To Austin For A Full Band Show At The White Horse

//Carson McHone Returns Home To Austin For A Full Band Show At The White Horse

Carson McHone Returns Home To Austin For A Full Band Show At The White Horse

After performing 143 tour dates since the release of Carousel in October, Carson McHone is returning home to Austin for a full band show on July 13th at The White Horse.

When the drums shuffle and the bass booms, McHone’s music absolutely soars. Central Texans haven’t experienced McHone’s full band sound since her album release party last November, so this rare homecoming show should not be missed.

Carson McHone is no stranger to the touring life. During our 2017 interview at the Austin City Limits Music Festival, McHone talked about how playing shows across the country has introduced her to people from all walks of life. “It’s wild to meet people who hold completely, utterly different values than I do.” She said. “In any other circumstance we would be spitting at each other, and yet we are connected on this certain level to where we can appreciate each other.” After her brief White Horse set, McHone will continue her travels and play shows in the UK, Scotland, and Ireland.

McHone’s crystal-clear voice and subtle Americana lilt draw you in from the first chord. Her latest release, Carousel, is both delicately melancholy and effortlessly energetic. Songs like “Dram Shop Gal” drip with charged political energy while “Maybe They’re Just Really Good Friends” beg for some two-stepping spectacle.

The White Horse’s creaky dance floor is the perfect place to find a stranger and shuffle your feet to the quick, quick, slow. KUTX 98.9 is sponsoring the show, and avid listeners will immediately groove to McHone’s “Good Time Daddy Blues.” Always champions of local artists, KUTX has had this honky-tonk number on heavy rotation.

So stroll up to the bar, down a whiskey, and let Carson McHone’s Americana music color your Saturday evening. The evening kicks off at 8 p.m on July 13th at The White Horse. Austin’s The Tender Things and Warm Sugar round out the bill. To learn more, check out the Facebook event here.

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