Los Coast Brings Their Rich Musical Recipe To Antone’s Nightclub

//Los Coast Brings Their Rich Musical Recipe To Antone’s Nightclub

Los Coast Brings Their Rich Musical Recipe To Antone’s Nightclub

As I waltzed into Antone’s Nightclub on Thursday, I was not alone. Hundreds of adoring Austinites squeezed past the entrance, shuffled through the crowds, and wedged their way into a window of space. This wasn’t the typical group of passive fans. The place was filled with people who deeply knew Los Coast‘s sound, anticipated every tinkling piano key, and eagerly awaited Trey Privott’s soulful southern croon.

Before launching into their riotous, groove-influenced sound, Los Coast teased the listeners with a dramatic overture. Tinges of psychedelia, sprinklings of jazz, and a dashes of blues swirled around the room. The conflicting styles somehow married into a rich stew of sound. Like the ingredients in a episode of Chopped, the masterful artists found a way to blend the unusual genres together to create something you’d never think would work so well.

Then — it happened. The bass revved into high gear. The saxophone roared, and the trumpet players belted out crisp and harmonious notes. Instantly, the enraptured listeners broke away from their reverie and shimmied into the sound. Trey Privott, like a passionate preacher overtaken with the love of God, cradled the microphone and let his voice ring.

When the band sashayed into their beloved single “Monsters,” the enthusiastic listeners bounced in unison. “Do you know your own gravity?” Privott wailed. Well, the laws of science were no match for Los Coast’s infectious revelry. Not even Sir Isaac Newton’s monumental discovery could squash the energy roaring through Antone’s on Thursday night.

Jason Blum and Kalu and the Electric Joint opened up the show. See the full gallery of photos below. Photos by Skylar Evans.

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