REVIEW: Jason Weems’ “Star Crossed Lover”

//REVIEW: Jason Weems’ “Star Crossed Lover”

REVIEW: Jason Weems’ “Star Crossed Lover”

There’s nothing quite like an old flame you can’t forget. In Jason Weems’ latest single, “Star Crossed Lover,” he delves into the experience of having someone on your mind you can’t shake. Weems is no stranger to the Texas music scene, and he’s been hanging around Austin for quite some time as well. His upcoming album I Love You More is produced by Jinx McGee of local label BananaPop Records.

The “Star Crossed Lover” single and music video are the the first taste we’re getting of I Love You More; it’s mysterious and sweet, like some strange candy you didn’t like as a kid but now love as an adult. The song starts off light and jazzy with some brass thrown over the hook. But as soon as you think you’ve got the track pegged, it shape-shifts on you. Synthy waves and ghostly voices layer over as the track goes on leading to unexpected places. This certainly piques one’s imagination to what will be on the rest of the album.

The music video itself gives us some equally trippy story telling. Weems sings about a lover he can’t get off his mind, a lover that seems almost supernatural in their attraction. We see something like that played out in the video. What starts out as a seemingly normal meet cute turns into a date at a bar filled with eerily haunting masks resembling odd faces and animals. In this way the video resembles the song. Something appearing at first minimal or simple shifts and reveals a more complex picture.

I Love You More is sure to to yield more disarming tracks full of surprises and delights. Keep an eye out for the album drop in the near future and for Jason Weems playing around town. This is Austin after all. You never know when and where your favorite local artists will pop up.

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