Video Premiere: Brian Scartocci’s “Sweet Funky, Nonsense”

//Video Premiere: Brian Scartocci’s “Sweet Funky, Nonsense”

Video Premiere: Brian Scartocci’s “Sweet Funky, Nonsense”

Brian Scartocci brings the grooves again in his latest single, Sweet Funky Nonsense. With joyful horns, popping rhythms, and The Soul Supporter’s shimmering backing vocals, this track does just what’s intended. Believe me — you’re going to get up and dance.

Now, if you’re craving a deep emotional ballad, go find a dive bar and an open mic. If you want to let your hair down and shimmy to the beat, turn up the volume.

“I can write my opus and I imagine I will, but these people here and now? They want to dance. They want to smile. They want to escape,” Scartocci said.

And it shows. The music video, shot by CJ Bills, sweeps you into a spontaneous backyard party. The celebration takes place at Scartocci’s home base, The Skylark Lounge. As revelers weave their way around the patio and effortlessly glide to the sound, you can feel the magnetic energy pulsing through the screen. Friends pass beers and raise their glasses. They’re in their element here. It’s like a second home. 

“This was my place, these were my people.” Scartocci said. “We made a party within our regularly scheduled party, and I couldn’t be more happy to share this little window into my world.”

Soak up some sweet funky nonsense in the video below:

You can catch Brian Scartocci at 9 PM every Monday night at The Skylark Lounge.

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  1. john April 7, 2019 at 6:58 am - Reply

    Gettin’ down with the get down! Brian slays!

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