Austin Concert Calendar 4/4 – 4/7

//Austin Concert Calendar 4/4 – 4/7

Austin Concert Calendar 4/4 – 4/7

Being Dead. Photo by Harrison Anderson.

Paula Maya
Thursday, April 4th, 9 PM – midnight
Milonga Room

If you haven’t gone out during the first Thursday of the month in this town, this just might the Thursday to do so. Wait. Scratch that. It definitely is the Thursday to do so. Paula Maya is doing a monthly residency at The Milonga Room for every first Thursday of the month. Maya is an award winning Brazilian songwriter who sings in both Portuguese and English. Get there early or make a reservation and groove out to some Bossa Nova tunes. It’s a guaranteed way to get your weekend off to a good start. And yes, I know it’s a Thursday, but if I’ve said once I’ve said it a hundred times: the weekend starts on Thursday in this town.

White Denim & DJ Jester The Filipino Fist
Friday, April 5th, 6:15 – 9 PM
Mueller Lake Park

You live in Austin long enough, you’ll get into a conversation with a music geek about White Denim, Spoon, or both. In fact, you probably aren’t even considered a real resident of the city unless you’ve seen one of those bands. I don’t know what Spoon is up to these days, but local rockers White Denim are playing a free show at Mueller Park this Friday. If you need a stamp to authenticate your “Local Austinite” card make sure you head there around 6 pm. DJ Jester, The Filipino Fist will be opening for the group, and before he takes the stage there’s gonna be face painting! This is a family-friendly affair put on by the KUTX show Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child. It’s more than a clever name; the weekly Sunday evening program is one of the most delightful things on the airwaves these days. Check out a great free park show, and then tune in this coming Sunday for a sweet radio treat. Bring coolers and picnic blankets, but leave the chairs and alcohol at home.

Being Dead Album Release Party with Daphne Tunes, Blood, Chronophage, and Batty Jr.
Saturday, April 6th, Doors at 8 PM
Cheer Up Charlies, $5 donation at the door

Chilling at Cheer Up Charlies usually makes me feel pretty alive, and this Saturday shouldn’t be any different. Potentially the wackiest music duo in Austin, Being Dead, will be having an album release party and they’re bringing all their musical friends. You should, too! Bring your friends, that is. There’s a suggested donation of five bucks for the show, which, for what you’re getting is a pittance. Self described as “creep rock,” Being Dead is a wild ride indeed. They shift gears between quick, catchy hooks and chaotic dissonance. Rounding out the night with more weird is Daphne Tunes, Blood, Chronophage, and (my personal faves) Batty Jr. Be there or miss out on the experience. And what is life if not a bundle of odd, screwball experiences? Go and live a little.

Feral Four
Sunday, April 7th, 4 PM

The week is at the end. It’s Sunday, the day of rest. Roll out of bed just before noon, get yourself situated, and mosey on down to ABGB for a free show with pizza, beer, and classic country covers. Well, the beer and pizza won’t be free, but you’re at ABGB, so you know it’ll be delicious. The Feral Four will be at the joint to play some standards from the country greats. You like Johnny Cash, Hank Williams, Buck Owens and the like? You bemoan the current state of Nashville music production? You can’t stand all the bro and pop country that seems to plague the airwaves and award shows? Well, dagnabbit, get out and see The Feral Four and relive the glory days of country. We’re in Texas after all. We’ve got the tools; we’ve got the talent. Let’s take advantage of the fact.

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