Austin Concert Calendar 2/22 – 2/24

//Austin Concert Calendar 2/22 – 2/24

Austin Concert Calendar 2/22 – 2/24

Mike Flanigin Trio with Jimmie Vaughan
Friday, February 22nd
C-Boys Heart & Soul, 10:30 PM, $15

There is obviously no shortage of talent being booked at C-Boys Heart & Soul, as you’ll be able to attest to if you’ve ever been to the joint. But this Friday night there is something particularly fantastic going down. Mike Flanigin is tearing it up with his infamous trio, this night featuring the one and only Jimmie Vaughn. Flanigin is an absolute legend on Hammond organ. The list of people he’s backed throughout years is long and impressive. I needn’t namedrop to convey this dude’s talent; the man is great himself, you just wouldn’t know it if you’re talking to Texas blues newbies. Likewise, Jimmie Vaughn hardly needs an introduction. The man has been making the guitar cry since your favorite guitarist was in diapers probably. (You look like a Harry Styles fan.. I don’t know, sorry for being assumptive.)
I DIGRESS! Start your weekend off correctly and hear some real Texas blues. I’m not sure who will be joining Flanigin and Jimmy this Friday, but I guarantee you they’ll be firmly in the pocket.


Shivery Shakes
Saturday, February 23rd
Geraldines, 10:30 PM, $15

Continue your weekend trend with more great Austin talent by heading over to Geraldine’s and checking out Shivery Shakes. Oh, I’ve talked about these cats before? Yeah, probably because they’re frickin’ great. Their first stuff popped out years back in 2012, but the members have plenty of Austin scene experience between. These guys knew South Congress before new Austinites (and developers) labeled the strip of land So-Co, so show some respect! Are you an alleged fan of the Strokes but haven’t popped in Is This It since high school? It’s okay, I don’t think you’re a poser. But do yourself a favor and check out Shivery Shakes. They’ve got an infectious pop-rock-surfer sound that belies a hint of post-punk soul. Who knows what the weather is gonna be like this late, Saturday evening? Whether inclement or not, these guys are gonna make you feel warm and happy. Fix whatever blues are lingering in your heart get yourself out to Geraldine’s.


The Balcones Community Orchestra
Sunday, February 24th
Redeemer Presbyterian Church, 4 PM, $10 suggested donation

 I usually try to offer a chilled out suggestion for Sunday, and I didn’t disappoint this time BABY! Check out the Balcones Community Orchestra for a little matinee show this Sunday. Hey, it is Sunday after all. You may not be religious, but at the very least you can be in God’s House jamming to some sick string and woodwind tunes. The show will be featuring Ian Davidson on Oboe performing Ludwig August Lebrun’s Oboe Concerto No. 1 in D Minor, which, if you haven’t had the pleasure of hearing, is an absolute trip. I’m not familiar with Davidson’s work in particular, but his oeuvre is impressive. An award winning oboist who has played in concert halls around the world, Davidson is also a Grammy nominated artist. The Orchestra will also be performing some Handel here, some Hadyn there… you know, the greats. Get classical this Sunday, go Baroque without going broke (it’s only a $10 suggested donation), and see some world class musicians perform masterfully. Conducted by Dr. Robert Radmer.

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