Austin Concert Calendar 2/15 – 2/17

//Austin Concert Calendar 2/15 – 2/17

Austin Concert Calendar 2/15 – 2/17

Friday, February 15th
Waterloo Records, 5 PM, no cover

Ah, the day after Valentine’s Day. Regardless of whether you spent a romantic evening with a loved one or an equally satisfying night alone with Netflix and boxes of candy, it’s now Friday, and we can all embrace the weekend collectively. Why not do so by checking out a free Waterloo Records show with Leche, Austin’s very own future-punk monsters. It’s an early show, so live a little and skip out of work early. If you had a fancy, peaceful date night with your partner, get a jolt of punk into your more-than-likely routine life. If you were alone, embrace the pain; see some local punk rock. Leche’s tracks are short, violent, and loud. It’s just the slap across the face you need after enduring perhaps the most corporate, capitalist day of the year. And in America, that’s saying something.

DJ Mahealani
Saturday, February 16th
Oskar Blues Brewery, 6:30 – 9:30 PM, no cover

Keep the free stuff going into Saturday by checking out another early show at Oskar Blues Brewery. Known for their popular craft beers you can find all over town, the Brewery hosts a number of shows every week. This weekend DJ Mahealani is bringing her talents to Oskar Blues. The show will be kid friendly and is sure to have a mix of old classics and new numbers as well. DJ Mahealani spins a variety of genres, from jazz and hip hop to electronic and new wave. But this is Texas after all, and she definitely knows her country. After the chaotic partying of Leche, it might do you some good to chill out with this DJ this weekend. Grab a pale ale and nurse whatever ails you, whether it be heartbreak, a hangover, or general anxiety. And hey, if that doesn’t sound healthy, don’t sue me. I’m not a doctor, I just enjoy a beer and a good DJ set.

The Resentments
Sunday, February 17th
The Saxon Pub, 5:30 PM, $10 cover

If the weekend hasn’t been ‘Texas’ enough for you, if the country spirit hasn’t truly touched you this Valentine’s Day weekend yet, get your boots and hat on over to the Saxon Pub this Sunday. The Resentments have the honor of holding the longest residency in Austin at the Saxon. Featuring the talents of Scrappy Jud Newcomb, Jeff Plankenhorn, Miles Zuniga, John Chipman, and Bruce Hughes, the band is composed of consummate Austin musicians. Each one has been working the local music scene for a good while, and is a talented songwriter. These pros play around town outside of The Resentments as well, so you never really know who you’ll see hop on stage with them. The actual make-up of the band may change night to night, but the talent will always be there. Check them out to experience some of the best songwriting in town, whether they be singing Americana, country, alternative rock, folk, bluegrass, or gospel The Resentments eke out true Austin music magic with each show. Make sure and book a babysitter though. This is a 21-and-up show.


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