Austin Concert Calendar 2/6 – 2/10

//Austin Concert Calendar 2/6 – 2/10

Austin Concert Calendar 2/6 – 2/10

Betty Soo
Wednesday, February 6th
Geraldine’s, 9:30 PM, no cover

Yes, it’s happening in the middle of the work week, but if for whatever reason you happen to be off this coming Wednesday, get yourself over to Geraldine’s at 9:30 PM for one of Austin’s finest songwriters. Originally from Spring, TX, Betty Soo has been around Austin long enough to call it home. A potent mix of beautiful, poetically charged songs and a gorgeous voice make Betty Soo’s performance something special. Of course, talented songwriting and good voices aren’t super rare in this town. What makes Betty Soo really shine is her authenticity. Her music is a combination of various genres, and she approaches each one with loving care. Check her out this Wednesday for a free show to see and hear the hype for yourself.

Hayes Carll and Thomas Csorba
Thursday, February 7th
Cactus Cafe, doors at 6:45 PM, no cover

Get a double dose of pure Texan songwriting this Thursday over at the Cactus Cafe. The Cactus has seen its fair share of country legends, but this week is something truly special. Lucky Draw Live is announcing their 2019 lineup with a party and concert, and they’re bringing along Hayes Carll and Thomas Cscorba to help them revel. It’s a free event, which is truly a steal with these two men playing. Representing the rise of the young guard in real country, Thomas Cscorba has a voice and a talent that are not to be missed. Hayes Carll too, is a master at what he does. His songwriting is on caliber with the greats. His songs carry the wittiness of John Prine and the devil-may-care flair of Ray Wylie Hubbard. If you’ve never caught Csorba or Carll before, consider yourself lucky, and go check out this free show.

Soccer Mommy with Hovvdy and Motiongazer
Friday, February 8th
Mohawk, 8 PM

Soccer Mommy, aka Sophie Allison, is making rock and roll cool again. Having just recently toured with Foster the People and Paramore, Soccer Mommy is now in Austin for a night in order to try and make us dance and party and forget about our exes—or, maybe dance and cry about our exes, depending on the track. Painting eerie pop tunes and punchy guitar with Allison’s dream-drone voice make for a terrifically fresh sound. You gotta see them live though to really feel the edge. Also on the bill that night are Hovvdy and Motiongazer, urging you to tune in and trip out along with them. The Mohawk always has something good, but this Friday especially will be a riot.

Borzoi, Gospel Truth, Hi Gene, and Prom Threat
Saturday, February 9th
Beerland, 9 PM, $5

If you’ve even wondered what goes on during the nightmares of David Lynch, you’re out of luck. No one but Mr. Lynch can answer that. But, if you’re looking for the soundtrack that might accompany Lynch’s nightmares, checking out Beerland this Saturday might give you some insight. The art pop jammings meets metal drone punk in Borzoi, a band that, if they aren’t from the future, must be instead from a dark and secret past. Wherever (or whenever?) they hail from, the band is doing stuff you won’t hear anywhere else. Check ’em out for a truly wild sonic experience, sponsored by KVRX and KOOP. Also appearing will be Gospel Truth, Hi Gene, and Prom Threat. Stop running in place. Feel the thrill of life you thought was lost to you. See Borzoi.

Corb Lund with Jaida Dreyer
Sunday, February 10th
Stubb’s Indoors, $15

It’s no mistaking that Corb Lund carries a good ole dose of country with almost every song he writes. But he’s not from Texas or Tennessee. Rather this cowboy is from Alberta, Canada. Maybe that’s why there’s a certain cleverness in his lyrics that a lot of classic southern country seems to lack. If there’s anything Lund is, it’s not typical. And he may be from up Alberta, but Lund is making Americana country rock with more panache than most songwriters from the U.S.A. Jaida Dreyer is pure country as well, albeit a bit more mainstream than Lund. Still, she plays with a tight band and knows how to pen a country ballad. Finish your week off listening to some authentic pop-alt country in one of the most alt cities in Texas.

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