Austin Concert Calendar 1/28 – 2/3

//Austin Concert Calendar 1/28 – 2/3

Austin Concert Calendar 1/28 – 2/3

Ruby Dice
Tuesday, January 29th
The Saxon Pub, 10 PM, $5 cover

Based out of Austin, Ruby Dice is made up of Amanda Darnell and Calloway Ritch. Together they create mix of soul and rock n’ roll that fits just fine here in the heart of Texas. They also fit in pretty well at The Saxon Pub. Check them out this Tuesday for a 21-and-up-show. Ruby Dice pairs well with a whiskey and a late evening. Darnell’s soulful vocals and Ritch’s articulate but bluesy guitar make for a sparse, powerful combo.  Any millennial rocker that grew up infatuated with The White Stripes and/or The Black Keys will easily dig what they hear in Ruby Dice.

Bottle Rockets
Wednesday, January 30th
3TEN ACL Live, 7 PM, $17.50 – $20

The fight between what constitutes “real country” is fought between fans of the genre daily. Perhaps no decade was more divisive than the ’90s, a ten year period in which we saw the the rise of alternative country, the persistence and survival of outlaw, and the possibly the creation of what we now understand as “pop” country. The Bottle Rockets may not have done much damage to the Top 40 Billboard charts, but in 1992 when the group started, they embodied a sound America would fall in love with for the next ten years. Even if you haven’t heard a single song by The Bottle Rockets, you’ve heard a band ripping off their sound with half the talent. Few groups can hope to reach the level of folk-country poetry that The Bottle Rockets churn out. Check them out while they’re in Austin and hear some country that hasn’t forgotten that it’s still a part of Rock and Roll.

Phineas Gage
Thursday, January 31st
One-2-One Bar, 6:30 PM, $5

Speaking of the 1990s, remember third-wave ska? No? Is it just me? Oh, okay. Well, regardless of whether you’re just lying because your friends are around or you sincerely don’t actually recall the craze, ska was a thing in the ’90s for some reason. And we all loved it. I don’t care what you say now, but if you weren’t then jamming “Superman” by Goldfinger (introduced to many through the classic Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater franchise) or bobbing your head along to that one Mighty Mighty Bosstones song everyone knew, than maybe you didn’t even live through that decade. Think about it.

I digress. Though they may not be from the third wave exactly, Phineas Gage doesn’t believe ska has gone anywhere. Playing a fusion of ska and  R&B, you’ll dig their original tunes and the covers will trigger the best kind of nostalgia. Everyone loved the ’90s! And one last word of advice… If you’re there on a date that you invited out, don’t forget the tab: pick it up, pick it up, pick it up.

Continental Drift, Pleasure Venom, Howdy Cowboy, and TC Superstar
Friday, February 1st
Cheer Up Charlies, 10 PM

I don’t know who Aby is, but on February 1, she’s going to be throwing one hell of a birthday party. Howdy Gals has picked Cheer Up Charlie’s to host a celebratory bash that bares a lineup to die for. But again, this is a birthday, so it’s not about death at all. Chill out! If you’re not quite 21, the door price is a paltry five bucks, but if you’re over 21, you’re in for free. What a steal. Get your face melted off by Pleasure Venom, and cry and two step at the same time to Howdy Cowboy. TC Superstar, if you haven’t jammed to them before, are an absolute treat. It’s the kind of pop-synth fare that only makes the jammin’ better the more familiar you are, and they’ve got plunky earworms galore. And of course Continental Drift is there to melt whatever is left of your mind. This whole shindig plus a DJ set by Synthemesc. Are you not already in love?

Dave Fore
Saturday, February 2nd
Threadgill’s North, 8 PM, $10 cover

If you aren’t familiar with Dave Fore by name, you may have heard him on “Hot Smoke and Sassafras,” the most well known Bubble Puppy single. If you haven’t checked out the track, do yourself a favor and jam it now. It’s a trip. Fore is especially famous in Austin though due to his work with our favorite Beatles cover band The Eggmen. Though it may be Fore’s drumming that puts him on the stage or in the studio, he’s no stranger to the guitar either. Check him out this Saturday at Threadgill’s and see a real ATX celebrity. This guy is a legend from the late ’60s psychedelic rock era. We’re lucky he’s kept creative. In 2018 Fore released his most recent album, The History of Bacon. Don’t get it? Head to Threadgill’s this Saturday to understand.

David Touchton
Sunday, February 3rd
Vista Brewing, 3 PM – 5 PM

It’s the end of another week. A rough one, party-wise if you did even half the stuff on this list. Take it easy this Sunday. Stay lazy past the morning and head to Vista Brewing for a midday beer and some classic honky-tonk blues. David Touchton has the gift to pen a tragic country melody and a voice to break your heart faster than you can drain a shot of whiskey to forget an old lover. Touchton is influenced by the greats, and it shows. His songs are twangy and gorgeous and sad, but his group, The Nowhere Band, are deft. For some honest-to-goodness country blues, you know where to park yourself this Sunday.

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