Song Premiere: Brian Scartocci’s “Just Peachy”

//Song Premiere: Brian Scartocci’s “Just Peachy”

Song Premiere: Brian Scartocci’s “Just Peachy”

As you leisurely stroll through The Barton Creek Greenbelt, you might hear a melody blowing through the trees. It begins with a swirl of strings. Then a percussive beat crunches under your feet. It’s breezy. It’s sunny. It’s absolutely peachy.

Dubbed “Mr. Monday Night” by the regulars at The Skylark Lounge, Brian Scartocci has developed a loyal fan base in Bat City. His newest single throws a nod to the soulful greats, but the sound is quintessentially Austin. To further cement the song’s vintage vibe, Scartocci enlisted the help from local R&B blues band, The Soul Supporters. You can hear their effervescent voices float above his instantly catchy chorus.

Brian Scartocci may look familiar to avid watchers of The Voice. His rendition of Stevie Wonder’s “Isn’t She Lovely” made judges Adam Levine and Blake Shelton hit their golden buttons in 2012, and his stratospheric notes earned him a giddy “Woohoo!” from Christina Aguilera. 

You’ll still hear Scartocci’s impressive pipes and signature edge in his solo material, but with little added sweetness thrown into the mix. In “Just Peachy,” Scartocci effortlessly floats between smooth, honeyed tones and passionate grit. As you listen to the opening verse, you can practically see the beginning montage to a 1960s film play out before you. The lyrics shimmer and the melody pulses. It’s the kind of tune you’ll want to follow you everywhere.

Despite its sunny sound, Scartocci didn’t write “Just Peachy” during time of bliss. He couldn’t drive, and he was forced to walk wherever he needed to go. His previous bands dissipated, and the solo career hadn’t kicked off yet. As his feet hit the pavement, a simple melody floated into his ears.

“Stuck in the weeds, so I mow down the lawn. I’ll stay just peachy.”

“This is the kind of music I always wanted to make,” Scartocci said, “And this song sums it all up.”

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  1. Caroline Hill November 29, 2018 at 8:39 pm - Reply

    He is like a son to me and I’m so happy that he is finally be recognized. He is so so great. Way to go Brian ❤👍

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